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compact filtration systems

biological pond filters
with built-in ultra-violet
clarifer for clear and
healthy pond water


simple biological filter for clean water in garden ponds


combined biological
filter and UVC


The following four processes take place in the Hozelock Cyprio Ecostar and Ecomax to clarify and purify water.

  • Ultra-Violet Clarification - as microscopic algae cells pass UV light they clump together so the resultant particles are large enough to be caught in the filter foam.
  • Aeration - water is oxygenated in the filter for healthy fish and efficient biological filtration.
  • Mechanical Filtration - A layer of foam sieves out solid particles.
  • Biological Filtration - Unique Cypripak biomedia has a high surface area for the colonization of beneficial bacteria. As water passes through the biomedia, beneficial bacteria break down ammonia and other pollutants so the water is harmless to fish.

The process:

Water enters the unit and passes close to and all around a UV lamp, separated from it by a quartz sleeve.

Water leaves the UV chamber via a unique spray head, which aerates the water and diverts it over all parts of the foam.

Solid particles in the water are trapped in a foam sheet.

Amost solids-free, the water passes through plastic biomedia where beneficial bacteria cleanse pollutants.

Clear healthy water then passes up an outlet tube and back into the pond. Should the water stop flowing the tank will stay full so the bacteria will live longer.

Integral carry handles are positioned on the side of the filter to make the filter easy to lift if maintenance is required.

Viewing hatch to observe the internal operation of the filter, in particular whether any maintenance is needed.



combined biological filter and UVC


Ecomax gives extra UV and biological performance for cleaner water in garden fish ponds

The extra benefits of Ecomax are:

  • Turbulator technology in the UV body creates spiralling water flow round the lamp for more thorough and even UV action.
  • Powerful venturi sucks air into the water adding oxygen for increased biological activity.
  • 35% more Cypripak Biomedia.
  • Bottom upwards water flow gives better biological action.
  • Drain plug at base allows easy washing away of the sludge which will collect at the bottom.
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